Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reflective essay

 Reflective essay

As any child starts their first day of class all over again each year they have the same reaction. Who will be in my class? What will I wear? Is my teacher cool? But the one that gets us the most is the excitement of walking in through those doors and wondering where we will be sitting in the classroom. There is nothing like the first day of school, I would have never thought that I would have learned everything I have from this class. Before intro to technology for educators, I would have never thought of using technology in the classroom. My thoughts were students will take advantage and the reason I say this is because I once was a young kid who never went directly to do their homework. One thing to realize is that you have to introduce technology to the students slowly and in a productive one which can grasp their attention. One website that helped me understand more about integrating technology in the classroom was EduTopia which the describes the many different ways to use technology. I thought that the one of the best ways to use technology in a classroom is in a way they would never expect it, for instance when you have a field trip planned but you can't go because of the weather you can always surprise them by taking a virtual field trip where they can do the same things but within the classroom. I enjoyed this class because of the many ways I learned how to use technology; for instance we used GPS devices to find clues throughout the school about questions we had to answer in the classroom for extra credit or a grade.We also learned about teaching with educational websites, like DIIGO you can use to highlight websites and bookmark them, as well sticky note important parts that you find interesting. I thought it was a very interesting website because it allows you to share with others different things you find interesting like Educational websites like PBS or if you found a video that was captivating and you wanted to share it with others.


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  1. You have always been good about blogging your newly learned concepts back to your past learnings - a great foundation to remember when you are teaching as when you can tap into what a student has already understood from the past, new learning becomes that much easier! I appreciate your contributions in class and glad that you found the learning here to be influential in your future. Technology is certainly going to be with us - we may as well find a good reason to use it wisely! :)